Reviews for "Hymn Of The Fayth (Real Choir)"


Wow, this is really done well!!!
I love FFX, and this remix is really nice!
A real choir huh? I guess that is what makes this so much more prominent than the one in the game. Man, I wish I had the tech to splice this into FFX everytime I play.
Keep it up!


I've listened to this music so many times... and each time... it's had... a... calming effect on me...

Thank you

I am a man, yes, that's right, a man... And most of the time, where I come from, I am considered gay for enjoying such beautiful music, but I've actually been pushed to show my choir instructor, and we are singing this, along with other songs, in the school auditorium next month...

This is a crisp, beautiful song, and though it is from a video game, it is still a great work of art, and thank the man/woman who sang the Alto and Soprano lines. (if it is you signing, then well done...)


it sounds so real! its amazing! what r u using! o ya... a real coire... i knew that... its great. i think its in moh frontlines somewhere too... love that game...

roy =)

did you cheat?

1,904 DLs in 5 days? hmmm

Bezo responds:

Try 370 days, idiot. Newsflash: it's 2006, not 2005.