Reviews for "Hymn Of The Fayth (Real Choir)"

Once Again....

OMG Once again...truely amazing. I'm in a choir, it's my favorite kind of music. This choir has great blend. Almost perfection, and the song itself is entrancing. It brought me to tears.

very nice

wow u did well on this eventhough it was by ur self im impressed gj ;)


THIS IS AMAZING (or mabey it is just because this is the first Hymn of the Fayth I heard) YOU DESERVE TO BE IN THE TOP TEN!!!!(That Choir you said you were in are they the one's who sang this????) FIVE OUT OF FIVE AND TEN OUT OF TEN!!!


10 effort because i can tell you really REALLY attempted to make it different from the millions of othre remixes.

I love this tune.

when i first heard this in the game i used to walk around humming it(i know its sad) and you made me like it even more! no offense, but damn your good music itll be stuck in my head for weeks:D jk, but i wont forget this and you keep making music!