Reviews for "Going Down"

Great piece, love the storytelling in the image and the small details like the gunshot wound in her stomach, the star necklace and the serious expression on her face. Feel this can be open to interpretation on why or where she is falling from, which is great when a piece of art makes you think.

Also the colours are harmonious with nice shading of the skin and hair, the shards of glass add that extra depth to the image.

If I had a suggestion and it would only be small, I would rotate the canvas slightly to the right to heighten the sense of falling and verticality, but that's only my opinion.

Inspiring stuff, Well done!

Simply Stunning! Life Closest to death.

Incredible expression in the eyes: it feels like there's an entire story compressed into this moment.

P.s. Checking out your other submissions - A fellow advocate of equal rights for gingers?

etoeto responds:

not particularly, I just love painting red hair :)

But for red head's sakes, you rock!

This is super awesome!! :)

holy shiyt that is fucking amazing dude u should put her character in videogame