Reviews for "Going Down"

@CypressDahlia Shut up. NewGrounds is great because they offer amateur artists the chance to get their artwork on here.

Review: I'm no expert, but this is one of those works where I'm amazed and can't believe someone drew it.

Incredible expression in the eyes: it feels like there's an entire story compressed into this moment.

P.s. Checking out your other submissions - A fellow advocate of equal rights for gingers?

etoeto responds:

not particularly, I just love painting red hair :)

But for red head's sakes, you rock!

Brilliant. It's a shame your art has to share the same honors and ratings as some of the tripe on NG. This is really good and showcases a near-mastery of color, rendering, perspective and visual storytelling. Many people, including me, could learn from this.

Simply Stunning! Life Closest to death.

sweet! awesome artwork!