Reviews for "I saw Daddy kissing Santa"


Plot was good, bad animation, and singing. Try to get sprites for it.

Hilarious content, bad animation and singing.

This has to be one of my all time favorite parodies. First of all, it deals with something that so many people just want to have nothing to do with. Yet, it doesn't, people just presume. A perfect example of this would be the person below me, fatass300. I bet he saw the name and just wrote that down. However, the animation and singing are some of the worst I've seen. The animation was a lot worse for me though because the bad singing added to the campiness of it all. However, you would have gained a point if you had taken out the horrible stuttering sections. With those out and better animation, this would have easily gotten a 10/10 and 5/5. Good Job.

Well done!

I was really started to wonder whether we'd be seeing something freaky, and then the unexpected twist left me relieved and laughing. Well done, great effort!

How does this only have a 2.8???

That was great...if only it really was Santa Clause...

humor 10 cuz it had me SMILIN!

even if it was santa and dad, i rather shounen on anime thank you very much. Very unexpected ending...i like it alot.