Reviews for "I saw Daddy kissing Santa"

what the fuck?

that was just fucking stupid


Hilarious. What an ending twist. X3 Also, mistletoe is spelled with an E not a W, but oh well.

lol! i loved it!

that was soo funny! i loved the twist at the end! just one thing though...the graphics weren't that good. =P other then that though it was really good!


dude that was hilarious! The graphics need work but the plot was perfect, don't listen to rufriderwampa1. he obviously has no christmas spirit, or hates ppl that do. now by christmas I mean holiday, since he could be jewish, or just doesn't understand the privallige to ban ppl and neglects it as such.

Gay with a capitl G

like my head line says this movie is gay b-cuz everyon knoes theat sana aint real. but if u r under the age of 10 dont read this.