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Reviews for "Sonic 1 Marble Zone Remix"


It sounds a little like the start screen music on Metroid Prime 1&2. Beautiful. A new angle on a great tune. Keep it up!!

I'd like to request Aquatic Zone from Sonic 2 as your next Sonic Mix.

i love this song

you made it bettrer than before you high ratings.

Very good mix

This a really great remix/cover from the video game song. Just don't like the overlaping sound that comes about in the midle with the main melody BUT nontheless have to recognize that it is a good piece of work.

Awesome remix!

Very different from most VG remixes, most are technoish, you made a complete redesign of a classic favorite VG song in a completely different song style. The added intro was a bit long, but it added something to it, a sense of beginning.

Finally! Someone did it

and i'm glad it was you, your sonic remixes are perfect, every single marble zone i've heard was terrible, but this is original and very relaxing, i listen to this while playing sonic the hedgehog.

keep up the awesome work, keep doing sonic remixes!