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Reviews for "Sonic 1 Marble Zone Remix"

Yet again...

You seem to like long intros, don't you? ANYWAY... I think the synth for the main melody should be maybe an octave lower, you know? Also, you should take out the clangy noise on the second time you do the melody. At least lower it. Still 9&4 but no dl.

took WAY too long to start

plus my stylistic prejudices are showing a bit, as is my attatchment to the original song.


nice remix


Im not sure how you made that kidna sound BUT it sounds EXACTLY like the kidna sound of music you hear in Metriod Prime and Metroid Prime 2. I swear you could play metroid prime while listening to this and it wouldnt sound like anything else.


it's a MASTER PIECE it's sound like Inka music