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Reviews for "Sinjid: SotW"

Two words man...

Sex. Ay.

Seriously, this game kicks soooo much ass its not even funny! If I could, I would give this a 7/5!

looks like a gba game...

This should be a GBA game. It's that good.

THIS The BOMB of all RPG's

This RPG flash rocks.
I really like the different levels and how you start out. Training takes forever but its worth it. I beat the game with balance. (Note: during a fight you can right click forward to skip person won't miss up the game). Here the wish list for the next game you make of Sinjid.

1. Cheat codes (i love to cheat)
2. Another character besides Sinjid
3. a different saving system like you download your character to your personna/el computer.
4.spell check for me..lol just kidding.

Anyways love this game it rocks 10 overall 10 str8 up the middle.

Great Game

I was really impressed. I especially like the save feature! Hopefully you'll make a sequel or expansion where we can use our already built-up characters for tougher enemies, etc. Keep up the great work!

a masterpiece

yes, it is the best game on newgrounds. and i didnt think it was so hard as it was time consuming. great job dude.