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Reviews for "Sinjid: SotW"

Frankly.....it was almost the greatest flash ever.

Excluding "Alien Hominid" this was the best flash ive ever played. There was alittle room for improvement, which I thought the only thing really wrong with it was the graphics but they were actually pretty good anyway. I played this game for hours and finnally stoped at the 2nd monster in the last portal. Hint:if u wanna beat this game it's gonna take about 4-6hrs, but luckily u can save. Truly a must play.

Amazing RPG game.

El ron be with you!
Have you ever thought of making a online RPG game?
Because with this skills that you have, you can make a great Online RPG game...I can tell it by playing this game.This game can be more than a 100%!!EXCELLENT JOB!

What can i say? Almost best on Newgrounds.

One of the best games on Newgrounds. Battle system is wonderful, graphics are beutiful, lots to do.

Keep up the good work.


best net based rpg its basically console worthy


this game rocks i killed the last ennemi in the dark rift shadow reaper with the spell caster it took me 10 min hitting him and healing