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Reviews for "Sinjid: SotW"

Really nice.

A very good game, you should make more.There's soppused to be part 2, right?

And that guy jinlee who commented before is just a stupid perve.Please don't listen to perves who get off from watching toons and put naked shit on your games, it'll just be bad taste(and I'm sure you weren't going to listen to stupid kids who wouldn't recognize a woman if it wasn't drawen in anime).

hot hot hot

it was a hot game, and i like how its like daiblo[n other games] it was koo0oo0.. are you gonna make more? you hould make like a girl nijia to be his partner or something and you can jus buy them after they die. that would be hot. and you can like dress your nijia girl in like hot clothes like lil schoolgirl outfits and shit. lol hahaha i kno i ask for too much. but your game is the shit, i play it almost everyday [ehn..wen i was in california] and it was great. it got me fustrated sometimes cuhz sometimes the only way to get money was to sell those freakin white leaves. damnit.lol


The loading button that appears after you die doesnt work. But the rest of the loading buttons do.

It was a great game, I beat all portals :D

loading works fine

someone said that the load button does not work. he/she is undoubtedly on crack and or heroin. the load button works just fine. i have saved multiple times on my way to level 38 (trust me, i did not get that high in one sitting) and loaded the game without any complications. excellent game. i wish there was more to do as even my obsessive character building tendencies may not be enough to keep me playing this game against the training wizard again and again and again. so please, do continue with this.


this game is brillant, one click and I'm hooked, I can play this for hours. Great job with this game. Only one thing is wrong though, the load button does not work....if that could be fixed, it would make the game easier then having to build your way back up to where you were before you had to exit