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Reviews for "Sinjid: SotW"

Pro tip: In a 1 vs. 1 encounter, when having suffered a killing hit, your skill bar reappears for a split second. If you are able to click a healing ability within that split second, you can recover from 0 health even if your character has appeared to have died already.

(Awesome game, a little bit lengthy at times but it was a lot of fun. )

cant imagin the patient you have for making this kind of game 2004 wow

Im giveing this game five stars because its the perfect game to play for fun and is exciting and something new everytime. :D

I liked the game but clearing the last gate should give a reward or a different ending.

A classic.
Back in 2004 when this game came out, it was THE best indie RPG game ever. It had EVERYTHING: interesting classes, a bit of strategy, and even replay value (you can attack the last 6 enemies & unlock the last tier weapons after you beat all enemies in the human portal).

Even today, in 2012, it would pass as a "excellent" game. For a game that is almost a decade years old, I salute you. It was simple to control, yet complicated to master in terms of efficiency. I remember spending hours as a kid on this game, and seeing this made me smile. Thank you.

Pro tip: ALWAYS get MP recovery and HP recovery. After investing about 5 skill points in HP and maybe 3-5 in MP, you lose NO money in potions (which become an issue when you don't have healing skills). MP & HP recovery = VIP regardless of class. HOWEVER, it DOES break the game and make it too easy.

~Greetings from South Korea