Reviews for "Bed Time"


This is brilliant! im putting it into my favourites right now. The graphics are good and the humour is godly. This deserves to go to the front page of newgrounds. The way you allowed people to rewind, pause and fast forward the game was a great feature. This will and always will get full marks from me. Keep up the brilliant work.

Every time...

Every time I see one of you guys' movies, I find that I have to go back and view them all. I loved this one, as Kirby was the cutest he's ever been. The animation is still top notch, and I still want to know how you can pull it of...uh...still...

nicely done

that was pretty funny and entertaining. keep up the good work.

This is gold!

The Pk series never fails to amuse me. It's some of the best comedy on NG!

Great stuff.

That was hilarious. I liked the fact that the story didnt make any sence...ok so i lied it was the fairy hot lady. *drools*Anyway it was funny, but the way you drew Joana seemed different to me for some reason. Probably because it was. Anyway keep up the good work, cant wait to see your next project.