Reviews for "Bed Time"


decent drawning and the animating was very good, raised a few laughs. however sound quality could be improved

yes Yes YES!

Your guys stuff is always, the best. I liked it. Nothing to really say that could make it better. I loved the end of the story where Kirby is made King of Hyrule. Mw haha

Not bad, not bad at all

The graphics and animation was great, along with a few snickering points... but all in all, at some points, I just didn't understand. I liked Kirby's voice though... that was pretty funny :D

Good stuff... goooooood stuff.

excellent job Pikanjo!

amazing! this is one of my favorate flashes now!
The animation is perfect and the voiceovers and sfx fit nicely.
The humor is right on time too I love when the dude gets his head bitten off by the beat and everyond says "yay" LOL
AAARGH I just remembered perfect Dark 0 still doesnt have a relese date! Rare better stop makeing that Grabbed by the Goolie shit and get to work on it before it becomes another Duke Nukem Forever NOOOOOO.
anyway keep up the good work and merry christmas!

That was pretty good

Keep making them, you can only get better!