Reviews for "Bed Time"

Every time...

Every time I see one of you guys' movies, I find that I have to go back and view them all. I loved this one, as Kirby was the cutest he's ever been. The animation is still top notch, and I still want to know how you can pull it of...uh...still...

I am dazed and confused.

This flash had so many plot holes and i liked it. I know kirby is the asshole who kills, blows up, and eats everything but why did he not make a third wish. And what would it be. IM CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!

Sweet, but one suggestion...

You might want to change your screen name. I know you guys were here first, but that rat bastard Piconjo put out alot of terrible movies this year and his screen name is nearly identically to your own.

Pikanjo > Prickonjo

Perfect Kirby Rox!

Whats this? a spelling error?

In one part you spelled "hie" instead of "his" But its just a minor thing. Good job. The animation was very smooth and the artwork was very good. Make more more more!!!!! And have a merry merry chirstmas!


Very funny. 'boogers and snot' its genius. Pure, unadulterated genius. And that whole 'bald king Neil', it was great. Phil rules!