Reviews for "Bed Time"


that was pretty good man, adorable (i never use words like that now i feel all girly teehee)

as usuall..

always a kick ass flash.

The real vioce of Kirby

It was all great, The bear at the end that shook that dead kings Lifeless body around mad me laugh. Nice. Good job on making Joanna Dark look hott. Well for a flash charater. Its not like I'd date her or something. Shut up!

Woohoo! New PK Short!

That was awesome! I loved John getting attacked at the end and killed (again). The voice of Joanna wasn't too good though, because the mic was picking up all the breaths and stuff. Other than that, great work!

this is like your best animation ever

seriously, that was really awesome, best tweened work evah!!!