Reviews for "Bed Time"

i love you guys, i really love you

thank you for more perfect Kirby, its one of my favorites on newgrounds and i loved it. and last post guy, conkers dead in this series, look at perfect kirby 3.1.


loved how you guys animated,
especially how fluid the
characters were and if they
actually had substance on the
screen. though it took me ahwile
to remeber who that girl was from
perfect dark. also there was of
course kirby, zelda, and mario.
it was nice to see that you were
working with characters from the
n64 age, but how come you didnt
include banjo kazooie or even the
notorious conker. you cant froget
conker! the plotline was ridiculous,
but i liked it for the fact that kirby
it was coming from a very imaginative
kirby. voicework was subperb and the
whole presentation was professional
A grade material.



Nice job on the Character movements, I like how well they moved so loosely and not too stiff.

Another great christmas short!

WOw richie that was hilarious! I loved it when...when ughh....the part when the bear ate.. Neil! It had great animation, and an awesome story line! Merry Christmas!



most well known anamaters reliced a cool xmas special.......sept Legenday frog gj john