Reviews for "Bed Time"


Wow that was awesome. It had nothing to do with anything in particular... but o guess it ade sense...


pk is the best cartoon ever

more gold from u guys

funny as hell, i pray to the gods that u guys finish perfect kirby 4

Aww, Joanna's so sweet! It's a great movie, that's for sure, and so funny lol. Ahhhh you're going up a notch or two on my favourite authors.

Really great idea, really funny, and really really good work with the voices! I loved this one alot, on my favourites list.

As per usual, animation was smooth as anything, the graphics were amazing as always, it was brilliant in all possibly rated aspects of a movie, and it truly was another perfect example of your genius. Very well done guys!


PS: What was that thing after you click the teddy-bear? I have no idea what it is.

awsome flash wow I was watching it again and again

nice work u got here I thought u were legendary frog that made it. Nice work your definatly on my favorites ;-D