Reviews for "Bed Time"

I wish...

I wish I could help with voices for Perfect Kirby 4. But anyway, I love your style of flash, the teddy bear gag was ranked: pwnage, and the story that Kirby wrote was hilarious. Make more like this!

i kant stop laughing about the ending

good work

nice touch

what with the teddy bears head falling off and all.

I Get it!

Kirby's like a mix between a homicidal 20-year old & a 3-year old! Good work guys!

note to self

dont piss kirby off and let him write his own bed time stories ur life will be longer

anyway great flash ( thinking ) maybe i should write my own story so my frends will fall asleep i already now wut makes them want to sleep during a story

thnks kirby! heres a 44 magnum - hands kirby a gun - great flash guys

10/10 5/5 night!