Reviews for "Bed Time"


odd but ok i guess


I loved this one! I think this is the 100th comment ^-^ Go me! Anyway, it was a great plot and I LOVED the animation itself. Please make more like this! I love Kirby!


thank you for:
-putting the captions on (my computer has dead speakers)
-having such awesome use of flash. finally, someone made something on flash that DOESN'T look like it was from MS paint.

interesting story o_O

That was great

I liked all the the flashes u two made and were all pretty pointless which was what made them hilarious but this one was the most pointless of them all.I thought it was funny a lot.

It's alright

It was a bit quick imo. Too quick, I know it was a short and all. And the graphics actually seem like a downstep from PK3. And why was Kirby so small in that one. He isn't that small at all. But overall, the randomness of his story was just hilarious, keep it up. Question, are you making PK4 or what?