Reviews for "Bed Time"


Man! Im with ShadowDinosaur! Just going to repeat whats ShadowDinosaur said...

My favriote parts are all the qoutes that neil said........ the are too hard to decide which one is my favriote qoute!

Review from "Shadow Dinosaur"

You people make me laugh all the time even when I depressed.
For that I thank u!! ^_^
-Best quotes-
"You can't go because im a bald jerk"!!
"What is the meaning of you not doing your chorreeesss"!
"Well you already granted my first wish ttchtch"

You rule

You and kirby are my idolz (I do mean all of you)

good job

some parts there wasent much effort put into the graphics, but that was good (good job).

for the love of GOD, YOU MUST WACH THIS

This is the good shit. If you like nintendo and rear games you' love this movie. Look up the athor and see his other good movies