Reviews for "Merry Christmas Tom Fulp"


i love it!! well my own voice acting is in it sooo im happy:D but really it rocks!

sjoert responds:

Wow thanks! like how I drew you?


So thats how my little brother got killed!!

sjoert responds:

Yeah and he got eaten too!

Brilliant for Christmas.

Did Tom fulp see it and if he did what did he say i bet he liked it?

Anyway good work i hope to see some of your good work in the future.

sjoert responds:

I hope he liked it! He did see it or he just put it on the frontpage because his name was in it :)


errrrr...one question,was that one girl with the pink hair haruko??(FLCL is my fav anime/manga so if it was i was sad....) btw it was great...hope u make more hoilday flashes!!!

sjoert responds:

Well the girl who mailed her voice sample said she looked kinda like her so I tried to make someone who looked like haruko but not exactly her sorry to disappoint you but thanks for watching!!

gr8 m8

gr8 i loved when he went scico no effence tom!a m8 could u tell me plz how to make a basic flash im a ten year old with know knolegde of making flashes but im working on a webcam star wars flash wit mi sis but overall a 5!