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Reviews for "The Little Match Girl"

my god that is very well done.

you are the first person to make me cry from a flash one other nearly but this did...i dont care what others say my opinion is my opinion..this is sad but very very well done...i hope to see more flashes from you..i havent cryed for so long...this flash deserves praise..5/5..10/10...keep up the good work and dont let the morons who dont wach and review or vote this is a flash that deserved front page...thank you for puting it up...
-vee(qout me if you like i dont care)

RegisCartoons responds:

This is a really really nice review. I appreciate your support, which is important for me. Thank you !



RegisCartoons responds:

I have my own imagination !

not all correct

still good...just 2 things

1. she never went to a church

2. she only had 3 match sticks, if she had so many she would survive the night

RegisCartoons responds:

it's regis cartoons version of Little match girl, ok ? So it's shouldn't be base 100 percent based on a tale

That made me cry.

You made me cry.
Poor girl.
And when she went to the church... beautiful.
wonderful music.
Thank you. I wasn't feeling very christmasy this year, someone i really love just died and I have been in college for these last few months,
but I guess I have a lot to be thankful for
even if I can't see someone that I really love ever again,
or have a real sense of peace in my house...
Christmas is about giving thanks for what we have,
Helping others who are less fortunate
And being happy... even if it is only in memory.
Thank you so much for this.

oh ..

Doesn't she no its rudeto look through other peoples windows?
Lol , But it was a touching story , at least she died happy . Thinking she had family and stuff , i cant beleave she died , makes me feel how happy i am to have family. Merry Christmas.