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Reviews for "The Little Match Girl"

Good Story

Great Story by a wonderful author. I liked the music, it really gave it a lot feel of Christmas time. I enjoyed it.

RegisCartoons responds:

Thanks, buddy!

---Beautifully done!---

This is a top contender for Best Christmas Short on NG, ever. (Some won't like the 2 visual references to Jesus, but no matter). This short really shows the true meaning of Christmas! Very emotionally moving; I've only seen 2 other shorts on NG that accomplished the same thing! Worth seeing..... despite the ending.

RegisCartoons responds:

That's very sweet review !Thank you very much for it ! Now I see it was worth doing it !

i love this story

hey i love this story i have it in a book or storys for kids. My mom read it too me and it aways me cry but if you or anyone eles plans on making something like this agin i have a few little things that can make it better or what i think it will

1) have a narrator reading the story or you can read it.
2)not to dis the graphics but the pople could look a bit better.
3) stick to the original story.

i still loved it and thouse are things that i think will give you a 10. you did a good job and hope youdo more storys

RegisCartoons responds:

Thanx for advices ~! :*


What the...... I did'nt knew you guys knew HC.Andersen.... I'm from Denmark... Awesome....there was'nt humor interactivity or violence... That is'nt meant as an insult

RegisCartoons responds:

Of course we know him - he's a great writer. Hey ,I even have photo near his statue in Legoland, Billund

this is what flash is about.

I think that when people make flash animations they either try and make it experimental or try to get the audience to strong emotions. This animation certainly made me feel sad and emotional and most of the reviews i've read seem to feel the same. well done!

RegisCartoons responds:

Thanks for an awesome review, my friend !