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Reviews for "The Little Match Girl"


It is good looking and the music is very good.

the animation is limited and the figures are not all that impressive, but the backgrounds and scenery are wonderful with all the shop signs and the details in the church etc.
The music and sound is well chosen and in perfect timing.

there are a few details I would like you to consider-
-the music stops very abruptly as she reaches the church.
-make the tears in church a little more subtle, paler blue, not welling up over the whole eye.
-make the choir mouth movement better, you don't need full lip sync, but something closer would be much better- the church scene is otherwise so good the silly mouths spoil it.

Well done, thank you

RegisCartoons responds:

Thanks for noticing the details and for the useful advices ~

(MidnightSun) Makes you want to read the book

It's good, the animation is crappy, not that I could do any better, lol. I'd probably do a lot worse actually. The story's been done already so it doesn't get points for originality. But it's still good, especially if you've never read the story. I haven't, and it's brought the story to my attention and now I want to read it. If anything this flick will help broaden your horizons.

Suggestions for the future... more movement and more use of shading, in this flick the shading really helped, more of that would have improved the feel of the entire movie.

Not great, but still good.
Midnight Sun

RegisCartoons responds:


first off very good flash

i liked the flash though i havent read the story though i will now.
second, to those posters who like to vote 0 LEARN TO SPELL! get your lazy asses in gear and type correctly! its 6 inches to the right letter AT MOST!
third adressed to the same people naked girls and violance dosnt make a good flash(all the time) yes there are some good violent porn games BUT tak a break you perverted grotesque little HORDOGS time to step back off my soap box and adress the author again.
good story, decent sound but work on the art ok? still keep pumping them out i loved it

RegisCartoons responds:

;) Cheers, buddy !

really touched me

this was really good, you have really good skills, almost made me cry, the movie was so touching.

RegisCartoons responds:

nice to know that...

Almost reduced me to tears

This is a touching story. A beautiful one too. Such a tragic one too. This flash almost brought me to tears. And for a shockwave flash movie to do that, It proved to be a damn good one! Excellent work!

RegisCartoons responds:

What an awesome review from such a cute girl. Thanks!!!