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Reviews for "The Little Match Girl"

pretty good

at least she died happy :'(

so sad that was

that was so sad the poor little girl but it was a good film you did it well and captured the spirit well hope to see more

Could use work

I liked the story and it looked like you tried, but I think it could use ore effort. Good job though.

Beautiful, yet sad.

The story was nice enough, although the animation could use a little work. Other then that, it was a good effort on the part of the author. Nice like to see more of his work, and something more like this around the holidays. We all need soemthing to uplift ourselves in these cold, dar times we now live.

So. 200 years ago everybody moved in slow-motion?

Please get some better affects. The body movements were like matrix fast, and the faces never moved, two much copying and pasting (e.g. the candles on the tree, watch and you'll see) and put more effort into it. And get the music to sound match up better. I hate in flashes when the music hasn't even reached the chorus in flashes and it just ends (e.g. the intro song). Oh and you made the match girl kinda hot so I think I smell a dress-up. Nice idea.