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Reviews for "The Little Match Girl"

different idea........

I liked your idea you were going at here. The only problem was that there was no talking. Talking would have raised the grade a bit. Also i loved your drawings, but when they moved it was like i was at disney land riding a ride looking at those dressed up robots!!! I guess i really shouldnt complain though because i only made one flash game and it suked so..... Just make another based on another story and make the movements a little better and some talking. Good Job though for the most part

RegisCartoons responds:

some people especially like that they could understood that story even without voices ! But that depends on the people... Thank you for review. Happy Xmas !

It was nice man!

Im danish so i know this story very well... I read it every christmas. I think you did a good job making the story a flash movie... And you should keep up this great work!

~The danish king~

RegisCartoons responds:

I love reviews by danish people :D Glad you liked the movie, which is based on this great story ! Merry Christmas and a Happy new year !
Thank you for the 10

liked the book better

I'm really sorry dude but not only do i like the story better I can't seem to escape the feeling that u didn't even try to show what was going on. I mean what happend to the warm stove she saw and to the goose that came towards her with cutlery i it as well ready to be eaten. And waht about the most important thng of all that she lit all the matches in her hand to make sure that her grandma didn't disappear. What im talking about is that u don't even know the old lady is her grandma. If u do it please do it well.

RegisCartoons responds:

Sure, the book is better. I also always like the book better than a movie which is based on that book...with some exceptions :) And...why do you think that I didn't no, that the old lady is her grandma ? Just read the excerpt at the end. Of course I knew that !

Nors niekada neesu girdejes apie sia istorija,

Supratau tavo filme. Visai neblogai sudarytas, tik gal viskas eina letokai, bet tai nieko.
net nezinokau kad tu lietuvis, tik kai pamaciau tavo varda. (Cia truksta lietuviu!!)
Laukiu daugiau tavo filmu!

RegisCartoons responds:

Geras :) Tai jus visi pagal varda ir pavarde supratot, kad esu lietuvis ar profilyje perskaitet ? :) Keista, kad nesi girdejes apie shia istorija, ne juk yra net lietuvishkas filmas apie tai sukurtas 1995 metu. Del letumo as jau pripazinau pats, kad negerai. O siaip tai stengiuos kelti savo animacijos lygi.
P.S. Idomu, kad ne vienas lietuvis svo profilyje Habitat skilty nera parashes "Lithuania" :)

I like it very much!

Great movie, I like the idea and the way you made the story come to life. I think you could have done much better graphics if you would have wait with the movie and practice drawing more realistic characters. but this is only my opinian. Happy holidays.
Yuval K.

RegisCartoons responds:

Thanks, man. I absolutely agree with your opinion - I need and I will practise ! Happy Xmas !