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Reviews for "The Little Match Girl"

I really did like this, but it had one major flaw. It was mostly how the animation wasn't that good. I am familiar with this story. I wish to someday see the Disney version. They also made a movie based on "The Little Mermaid" another Hans Christian Anderson story! I still like how you got the spirit of the series down.

I always want classic stories treated this well. I am at least familiar with the story and know how it ended. I'm glad I don't know that about the new Star Wars movie. I loved the religious themes. I am quite religious, BTW.

Wish it wasn't based on the original.

I like the original because it tells a story. Sure it's a story that's so depressing through some of it that your almost willing to slit your wrists, but it ended up to be somewhat happy at the end. Still wish it was the original.

Heart Warming.....

Its amazing and

I remember this

I heard the story as a little girl and i always cried T-T. I also remeber an oven in the original, but over all it was very good. I think the church was added because of the christmas-like setting (in order to give it a "holy night" feeling). Im not sure if its true, but i heard it was based on true events


This is incredible! Wow! You have made an excellent movie! Too bad for the little girl because since I'm a pyromaniac,I could have bought all her matches! Anyway,sad story but good movie. The graphics and the animation was well-made. Good job and keep up the good work!