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Reviews for "Welcome To The AkaburVille 03"

your a crazy fucker, but i love your work!

I would play that game! :D

shad and you are amazing artists... you guys really make this site... please do a colab... what would that be like... my brain just kind of exploded out of sexual magisty...

AKABUR responds:

Please PM me with a link to the Shad's account. Thanks.

Ok 1st off i took away a point because my mom who is a hosuewife i guess saw this... and banned me from the internet after this review which she is seeing me type.. she says u r a bad MAN! and wants ur phone number... help me...

AKABUR responds:

Your mom is right. Didn't you see the mature content warning for this pic?
You should not lie about your age, kid! Now go back to your room!
P.S. thanks for the good review though.

I would sure love to see this made into a game
Sims that you can be a slut, treated like a slut, and have all those sexual negativities that happens in real life.
And uncensored sex.

Great work

AKABUR responds:

Right?! Right!? Would be so awesome... XD Maybe not THAT extreme but would be nice to have some kind of official "Adults Only Ad-don" or something...