Reviews for "Explosive Materia 1"


I like things blowing up, weeee!!!! And yeah, pretty good flash!

Nice Animation

Very nice job. The movement was very smooth, but work on making your edges smoother. The 3-D stuff was really good too. Keep up the good work.

OrangeBot responds:

I'll keep that in my head...

You've got some skill...

You just need to put it to work...probably the only reason I voted high on this was because of your 3D work in there. You've got skill enough to make something so much better than this.

This is okay...

The whole thing is not all that interesting, but it is good. it's pritty much the same thing, a line moving to different areas of the screen, and then exploding. I'd suggest that you get better timing on that, and have more interesting things in it. but other than that, it was very good.


my songgh :D i dont understand why THAT song is so liked, while my good songs is getting killed, but weh, its a wierd world. animation was pretty good:)

OrangeBot responds:

hehe thx...

takk a... Highlander lagde også denne >=(

jeg vet at den var litt dårlig... ;o;

Litt for mye dots az...