Reviews for "Explosive Materia 1"

Yay for onion skin!

I tip my hats off for both of you guys, you guys are awsome with FBF.


my songgh :D i dont understand why THAT song is so liked, while my good songs is getting killed, but weh, its a wierd world. animation was pretty good:)

OrangeBot responds:

hehe thx...

takk a... Highlander lagde også denne >=(

jeg vet at den var litt dårlig... ;o;

Litt for mye dots az...

what the !!@@#

the sound was good but dont like the concept seen a few like it before and it is boring and drull. try to make something with more of a point.

Very Well Done

Awsome! Just plane kewl stuff like this should be on the front page. Instead of well. You know.


I like things blowing up, weeee!!!! And yeah, pretty good flash!