Reviews for "Merry Xmas!"

Lol i love it!!!! This is the crap i like!

Rofl this is so cool!!!! Lol make some more, but maybe make like santa going crazy, use weird al yankovic's song the night santa went crazy, sounds good, well, nice job bud, Lol this is sweet.

Kick ass!

dude that was pretty kool i liked the music and it was pretty funny keep up the good work

Great short

Hehe i didnt expect that to happen! haha great short
Merry Christmas to you too!

and keep em comming

*thumbs up*

well, that sux for Santa!

the guy above the "Play" button looked cool...
make the video longer, dammit! i was just gettin into the flash when-BAM! "Replay" button appears from nowhere!

funny flash, kinda short, though.


poor santa =D he diservers it! giving me coal every stinking year... MUAHAHAHAHAH WHO LAUGHS NOW BIATCH? and sweet movie =D whats the song u used?plz reply or sumthing

Jesiotr responds:

it's sex pistols' song