Reviews for "Hotd Bath"

high school of hte dead. the show that has too much fanservice and blood

Shadling, you outdid yourself yet again

Just when I thought you couldn't get any better you make this. I mean this picture looks dead on no joke and while I'm not a diehard fan of the series it did have a lot of fan service that said keep up the good work

I just Recently finished watching HSOTD, This looks straight out of one of the Episodes def screams sexy now if only Rei and Marikawa were in this and it would the ultimate fan art for those pervy bastards out there

girl you did it again, i love that show, and you matched it perfectly lol

Haha! Nice!

I read the manga of HSOTD,and it is awesome! The first thing I thought was: This are some hot chicks,somebody is now doing hentai of 'em... and look,I was right!!
Great job!