Reviews for "Paragon"


i dont listen to industrial very much, but this is by far the best ive heard, makes me want to hear more, keep it up.


Assemblage 23 meets Nine Inch Nails. I love it.


This is pretty decent. Also loved the other song you made... I'll be following your work and I'll support you!

By the way, if you go serious with the same sound, don't go by the genre Industrial because you'll be horribly misplaced. This is more of a combination of Aggrotech and Electro-Industrial. Just noticing ya!~ :)

NuKeMOuT responds:

I wish audio portal included those sub-genres. Thanks for the review!

My heart stopped

This the one of the best tracks I've ever heard.

I like it.

Love the vocals. Everything works together really well. Keep up the excellent work.