Reviews for "Paragon"

I second the guy below me...

Yea, definatly sex music. When it makes me want to rip my clothes off and dance like a total whore in heat, that makes it pretty f*cking good music.

Keep it up man, I'm gunna look for more!

the disortion was interesting...

..because it got so high score, so i continued listening it.
and then... pure awesomeness!


I could just imagine a factory full of people being mind controlled and forced to work at an assemble line. Great distortion it makes me jittery. Well played Kupo!


What I really think is great about this song is the MEATY base with the light melody peircing through in the background. The only flaw in my opinion is that the melody could be a little stronger so its more audible then you would get the well deserved 10 =D!

THIS is different

i heard quite some indu songs, but there i really can imagine a more 'industrial' type of atmosphere while listening to it. Very good job !