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Reviews for "Paragon"

great stuff

has a very NIN feel to it...

like loveblood666 and parisXD im surprised that you're not signed by anyone


Man this is awesome. Great work

...... :D

Great Work Great Vocals....I want to hear moar!


this did preety good unlike most industrial the vocals on this auctually works with the beat this reminds me of like an apocalyptic army marching down on your streets and knowing that you cant stop them or something like that but it did preety good by far this is my fav industrial song ut why have you stopped making industrial your songs are very good you put alot of effort in your songs and i hope you keep making industrial buy ay good job on this


A song used in a Pokemon Wi-Fi battle 10 years ago... that was deleted a year or so later. That was then discovered 6 years later and a search that took an additional 4 years to re-discover this song.

Pretty amazing how the vocals and tune come off as very Julien-K like in nature, I like it.

R.I.P. NuKeMOuT, I imagine your music made a lot of people happy. :(