Reviews for "Paragon"


Does the genre justice. Thick beat, great melody, and pitch shifted vocals fit very well. Keep it up, I want to hear more!


Awesome, absolutely awesome. Has an eerie feel to it, one of the best industrial songs up here on Newgrounds, I wish I could use it a billion times. RESPECT.

Ear sex, here.

Sounds like the kind of stuff you'd want playing in the background while with a lover, or something rather. Either way, I'm enjoying every minute of it. Keep it up!!


Mind if I remix it? ^_^

this song kicks ass! I love the bassline, and I love the vocals, it all fits together very nicely and I can't stop listening to it on my Zen... lol. Especially that, tuned noise sound near the beginning, it sounds cold and mechanical, which is just perfect. The vocals are incredible dude, keep up the good work ^_^


I loved the dark pulsing atmosphere you brought in with the beginning. It just oozed amazing. The vocals match perfectly and I thought the breaks were just right as it allowed the background audio to fully come out at times.