Reviews for "Paragon"


Badass. 'Nuf said. 11/10!


For raising the standard of industrial music on NG. :)

At first I was a little worried by the intro that this might end up being some sort of amateur crunch fest but as soon as the muffled melody came in I was sold on this. Excellent mix, great vocal tone. I especially love how you slowly brought in more and more glitchy percussions towards the half way mark and then dropped them all out again.

The only part of this I didn't like was that first line that was screamed. To me it seems a little forced and detatched from the mood of the rest of the song. I think the second screamed line worked much better since it was a climatic part of the song.

This really makes me want to work on more industrial stuff again. Excellent work!

I think I'm in love!

The sound... so beautiful... Its almost Hypnotizing! @w@
Awesome song, I can't wait to hear more of your work! =3

NuKeMOuT responds:

Thank you very much for the review! I should have a second song up within a week or two.


Does the genre justice. Thick beat, great melody, and pitch shifted vocals fit very well. Keep it up, I want to hear more!