Reviews for "Paragon"

Club worthy

Now as you can see im a humble person, your the only one stopping me from that number one slot. And im going to give you some praise here. This is good, your production is top knotch and i like the contrast of harsh electronics with the soft vocals. That high synth is catchy as fuck and this song kicks...wait...STOMPS hard. Good job, im looking forward to more. 10/10 5/5

This is great!

Kind of reminds me of Depeche Mode and Combichrist mixed...kind of odd, but it works I guess *shrugs*. Anyway, I like how it's not upbeat, but still manages to be heavy in certain sections. And that little melody at around 0:20 is great lol. Awesome vocals. Keep it up! 5/5


I could just imagine a factory full of people being mind controlled and forced to work at an assemble line. Great distortion it makes me jittery. Well played Kupo!

the disortion was interesting...

..because it got so high score, so i continued listening it.
and then... pure awesomeness!


i dont listen to industrial very much, but this is by far the best ive heard, makes me want to hear more, keep it up.