Reviews for "Paragon"

Great production!

well produced from the get go, kinda reminds me of old Covenant or Project Pitchfork material with the soft vox and distorted melodies, catchy


I'm speechless. I haven't heard something like this in a long, long time. Congratulations. This is JESUS!


Don't listen to the comments below saying that the main melody is too distorted. The distortion fits in very nice and makes the song unique. LEAVE IT.


I agree with NuklearWaffles.

It is very good but the main melody is too distorted. Everything else is fine, but you need some clear sounds to peep through in an industrial. Well, that is my opinion anyway. Still brilliant song though.


What I really think is great about this song is the MEATY base with the light melody peircing through in the background. The only flaw in my opinion is that the melody could be a little stronger so its more audible then you would get the well deserved 10 =D!