Reviews for "The Heist DEMO _RR"

Reveiw :D

I love how it sounds like an epic get away or some kind of holdup, or maybe a resistence getting ready to have a huge fight against the "man" atleast thats what it reminds me of, anyways, great song!
5/5 + fave
~Ur biggest fan Caboose :D

RenoakRhythm responds:

:D thanks so much. Ya this totally gets my heart pumping and sinjim did a great job of telling a story with his orchestra talents.

You're the BEST!


Just when I thought I had seen it all...BAM!! Teamwork...It's such a glorious thing. I'm really at a loss of words on how to Review properly. BUT...If the album is gonna be as good as this thing, I'd buy ;D

RenoakRhythm responds:


Yay, we're finding an audience for this style awesome! Glad you liked it. And yes there is more like this, we're working on a couple right now... haha, you'll likesie :P

Thanks for the review.




sucked me in

threw me out the other side


so much character and atmosphere u captured the mood of a heist amazingly well :D

-DJ Zoysa

RenoakRhythm responds:


Thanks a bunch for the review. You can thank SinJim for the atmosphere.... those strings he does is awesome.!


joint account of 2 awesome composers, hell yes!!

RenoakRhythm responds:

Hell thankyou! dam awesome yes :P

We will has new account soon :D

Cool stuff

i would like a direct link to that song though...(full) because seriously lol your giving the answer but it has me stumped...

RenoakRhythm responds:

here is the direct link :P

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/211557

HOpe the link works. Now you can spread the word to everyone how to get there incase they are lost.....lol.

PS - take out the spaces that newgrounds puts into the link.