Reviews for "Mario Bros 1-1 Remix"

nice work

good job, it's tough to make something new and interesting when it comes to the Mario Bros theme since it's done quite often. You don't get too crazy with it, but that's likely a good thing. For what it's worth you get the job done great. Is there room for improvement? absolutely, but when isn't there? lol. regardless i'm still giving this a 10/10

Foraum responds:

I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the review + 10

great work,man!

i like this remix.you did it! congratulations! maybe if i can i gonna make a mario flash and i gonna use this music (if you leave me, of course)

Foraum responds:

Yeah sure go ahead! Thanks man.

Retro Ear Candy!

This was such an amazing mix and I can't imagine what the reaction was when your friend played this! The song really invoked that "Retro" mood to it and yet kept the tune fresh! Awesome!

Great job.

You did great on this. It's a very good remix, and it's nice and catchy. Keep it up!


too much of mario game over now hes in da undergrouds