Reviews for "Mario Bros 1-1 Remix"

A lot of fun.

I love it when people take old stuff like this, and give it new life. Not drastically altering the source, but refreshing/updating it. It's different enough so as not to be lazy, as well. Great work.

5 and 10.

Foraum responds:

The decision to take this song and remix it was because even non-gamers recognize the tune and can dance to it. It doesn't matter how old you are, everybody knows Mario!

Appreciate your review, thanks.

Intense kick.

The drums made my head feel funny after I took the headphones off.
Well done, a truely professional retouch of the ever-so-famous Mario theme!

Foraum responds:

Created the kick for another project I was working on but never finished. For this song I added a counter bass which made the kick very powerful so I actually had to tone it done a bit. Anyway I'm very happy with the result and that it made your head feel funny, hehe.

Thanks for your review and your support.

love this song

its cool good mix!!!

Foraum responds:


Many remixes depend on the base song for quality..

However this song, had very many good tencho elements, and you threw in JUST the right about of adjusting to the original to make it sound orginal, but still unique in it's own way.

By the way, this song will be used in Episode 33 of Newgrounds Radio Podcast

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Foraum responds:

Thank you, I'm truly honored. I'll be sure to check the show out this weekend!

Pretty good.

but thats not the best way to remix is to add a coupple of beats, throw a some crash here and there, crank the reverb or echo w.e.
anyway it was good in the short amount of time you have made it in.
Good luck in the future!


Foraum responds:

I respect your opinion and agree with you in a way. Could of done a lot more but sometimes simplicity is the best way to go. Thank you for your review and good luck to you as well.