Reviews for "Mario Bros 1-1 Remix"

NIce Mix

Great work, very nice mix, and I bet it felt good to know that every person on the dance floor was dancing to your beat, right?

Retro Ear Candy!

This was such an amazing mix and I can't imagine what the reaction was when your friend played this! The song really invoked that "Retro" mood to it and yet kept the tune fresh! Awesome!


This what should be on the radio, not that crappy rap!!

I know, I know.....

I kinda cant stop reviewing Super Mario Bros. themes but i love the beat ^.^ i acctually love playing world 1-1 o ver again and again just for that classic tune. keep it up. btw like SEANGAMES1 said, classic yet new good job man


haha i think my favorite part was the dj story...
you did a great job with the mario theme by keeping it simple and not overdoing it... too many times has the theme been twisted, its refreshing to see something close to the original yet new