Reviews for "Dusk"

Wow, this is so cool. When I was viewing all of the art before on the NG menu, this one stood out! (mainly because Purple is my favourite colour and it goes well with this picture). You've got amazing talent, bro! ^-^

Like it

Omfg, that's so disturbing, but really cool :D

I love the simplicity of the color scheme and the complexity of detail. I wish I could get a print of this to hang on my wall. I had to struggle to find a criticism so the only ones I have is VERY minor. The shadows that the plant by the water casts don't match up and the lower bank shouldn't be casting a shadow at all.... That's all I got, and I'm not an artist but I'd imagine that shadows in general would be kinda tricky to get just right. Awesome piece.

Is the shark fighting the thing or is the thing dead and just being eaten by the shark? Maybe the shark and the thing are together. Any way this is still great.