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Reviews for ""Life 101" Lost Episode"


I'm reviewing this movie. Why am I reviewing this movie?
I don't know why I am reviewing this movie.

So how about the weather, eh?

AsthmaticHamster responds:

The snow is killing me. And the cold too!
How bout you?

Nice Flash

The episode does get a little boring near the end, but other than that it's a great episode. The music is good, and it works. Nice opening, and great flash. Keep it up.

AsthmaticHamster responds:


Well done.

Hilarious jokes., great animation, and good music. By the way, was the grocery joke based off of Super Mario RPG?

AsthmaticHamster responds:

Nah, just the music which I found proper.


well that was one of the better flash works... bravo... but your cartoon needs like some penguin that plots with the cat to take over the house... or a penguin that is just there , or change the gay caracter to a penguin... nobody likes that one anyway

AsthmaticHamster responds:

If you're refering to Wallace and Gromit, I salute you!
Wait a...

very nice

unique style, very humorous, and violent ^_^ you've filled the requirements for a great movie..nice job

AsthmaticHamster responds:

All hail cartoon violence!