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Reviews for ""Life 101" Lost Episode"


This was one of the funnier movies on Newgrounds, I loved it, make more, ' I'm trying to nail the neighbours cat!' Ah, funny shit, keep it up

Awesome concept, poor execution.

I love the idea and characters behind this, they're genius! If I was from a cartoon studio, I'd buy the idea right now. It's a gem. Saddly, the writing behind the concept was poor. The gags just didn't flow right, and were all pretty stale. I'd suggest either working on your joke writing, or get a new writer. I'd love to write an episode of this, but, I'd doubt that you'd be all-too interested in that. But if you are. . E-mail me. Seriously.


Gotta say this wasn't especially funny. The animation was nice (like the 2D style), but pretty weak overall. The clock-faces were just annoying.


holy.... hrm.... holy............. holy bloody hell!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS THE BEST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN ON NEWGROUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 IN EVERYTHING :DD


that's.... fekcing awesome! haha. although i dont know how you could loose something as good as this, lol... you must have a big hard drive :P

bleh, to sum it all up... i think ill choose the word 'awesomeness'... if it is one.
graphics = awesome. everything looked sick, contained heaps of detail.
animation = awesome. extremely smooth, and a hell of a lot of it.
audio = awesome. the sound effects were great, and the voice acting was great.
overall = awesome. heh. great stuff man.

AsthmaticHamster responds:

eheheh, Awesome!
And no, I did not lose it, I just got distracted by other projects and never came back to it!