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Reviews for "Eddsworld Christmas '04"

seeing this makes me sad because edds gone

I saw red nose the raindeer and I cant believe Tom forgot to take off the firewood.

Wow! Back when Tord was around, really early on! Can't find this stuff on Youtube. Anyways, of course the animation is decent, and even if back then the characters didn't look as good, they're still great. I did like seeing Matt's cameo, since he wasn't in the other parts.

Gosh. Edd was just 15 when he first started. :( in just 8 years he has accomplished so much.

goodbye edd

I felt it was best to look back at Eddsworlds old work to reflect all he has done before & til his unfortunate death :( Edd will be missed but I will always honor him by his great animation & greater style of comedy!