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Reviews for "Eddsworld Christmas '04"

TOM: Have you got an idea?

EDD:Nothing we'll never get this Christmas special finished!

TOM:Whatever I'm Gonna go watch TV.

BOB:As i was Saying Tord...

TORD:Shut the Hell Up Bob!

BOB:Now im Sad!!

EDD:Hey Tord...

TORD: Sup' Edd

EDD:Could you do me a favor?

TORD:Sure ... What is it?

EDD:Remind Tom to take the firewood out of the fireplace

TORD: Sure Thing

BOB:I Think i broke my Back!... Thank God its you Bendee!

TORD:Tom, take the firewood out of the fireplace

TOM:Uh, Ill do it Later


TORD:Santa are you alright?

SANTA:I've broken my leg on that firewood I cant finish delivering the Presents!

EDD:Oh No! Christmas is Cancelled!

SANTA:Unless you three finish delivering them!

TOM:Us? Save Christmas?!

SANTA:Quickly Go! There's not much time!

EDD:Hey, Cool! Santa's Glove Compartment!

TORD:Err... Guys I've Lost the List


TOM:I Guess we'll just have to judge who's naughty and who's nice.

EDD:Hey Look! There's Sell!... And Andy!

TOM:And Look! The Klu Klux Clan!

EDD:It's Woody and Mental Joe!

TORD:Let's go home.

EDD:Wait! There's Dr. Decapi!

TOM:Thanks for dropping in Santa.

EDD:Oh Crap! We Were so busy delivering the other presents... That we Forgot to deliver our own!

TOM:What?! Who?! How?! Why?! When?!


The first ever episode of Eddsworld, amazing.. really amazing. Just such a cute and funny little start to the show.

:o bendee appeard in this


10 years.