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Reviews for "Eddsworld Christmas '04"

So old not as good as the newer ones but still good and has a place in my heart

I'd consider this the first time the Eddsworld style was made. The ones before were just one-off animation styles.

So shit compared to your other work but I still love it and hold Eddsworld close to my heart. Miss you.

A good start of Eddsworld

Wow, it's so weird seeing such an early cartoon from you. I mean, the animation is amazingly different. It gets so much better later on. While later episodes are better, this is still great. I especially love the gag with the coal gun. I liked that stick guy too.

It's interesting to see where this series got started. You have so much more complicated stuff with Zanta Claws and everything. This is still a great start. RIP Edd Gould. I'm so glad to be a fan of this series.