Reviews for "SOTN - Lost Paintings [Re"

A Series I Wish I Got Into *Frowny Face*

Just never started playing them (Castlevania), which is a shame, cause I hear they're great.

Nonetheless, from a guy who has never played (nor heard the music from) the games, this is great stuff. Feels like something big is about to go down from the tune. Awesome job as usual, keep it up.

MusicWizard responds:


Yes you have missed something BIG if you hasn't played the Castlevania series.
I strongly recommend you too. They are just too great and mysterious.

Wonderful Remake!

Woot! sounds awesome as always man! ya keep making them better and better! keep up the great work!

MusicWizard responds:

Thanks friend.

Sure i will keep up the steam and release more fantasic remakes from the series.

Until next time, take care!


This is one of the most calm songs in the whole Castlevania series and one of the better song in SOTN.
Great remake as always big-bro ;)
To "ruin" the song a little make an remake which is a little faster with little more "beat" to it.
Next on the list is Dracula's Castle i hope ;)

Symphony of the Night is the most wonderful in the series, too bad they ruined it now with the Nintendo Wii version och Castlevania - Judgement which is an fighting game with no similarity to the original soth char Alucard.

MusicWizard responds:

Well, Thank you.

Yes i made this remake a bit slower then the original just because i wanted a soft and as you said calm version.

And yes the New Wii game Judgement was awful comared to the other in the series, Castlevania SHALL not be a fighting game ever.

Yes, i am working on a remake of Dracula's Castle as well, but that one is a hard nut to crack as i told you before, but hey...better later then never, huh?

For now, enjoy this calm piece.

good stuff

good stuff, man, a lil softer than the original song, what did you use to do this? I did a song and submitted it to newgrounds so take a listen for me ok? :p I'm getting into remixing game music so that I can rap over it, its taking some learning but I'm starting to get the hang of it. good luck man, hope you submit some more stuff.

MusicWizard responds:


You can read what i used to create this remake in my comment.

I recommend you to use FL Studio 7.0 or 8.0 XXL version.
With various plugins that fits you style of music.
For example: this tune is a soft and slow one which requires orchestra-style of plugins and soundpacks. And that is what i used.

And you can be sure i will submit more rameks in the future.

Take care now.